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When Jamaica needed industrial pipes to strengthen the islands water distribution network, those pipes came through Kingston Wharves Limited (KWL); when life-saving oxygen was needed during the COVID-19 pandemic and vehicular equipment required to strengthen the island’s solid waste management, Kingston Wharves (KWL) was again the terminal of choice.


“Once something can be placed on a ship, we can handle it,” declares Simone Murdock, Corporate Services and Client Experience Manager at Kingston Wharves. “Kingston Wharves is the only truly multi-purpose port terminal in Jamaica; we move containerised, bulk (flour, sugar, oil, cement) and break-bulk cargo such as motor vehicles, lumber, and steel” she stated.

Located on the Port of Kingston, Kingston Wharves is deeply integrated into the global supply chain, providing connections to some 45 global destinations. 


Mrs. Murdock noted that when it comes to containerised cargo, Kingston Wharves is a regional hub serving North, Latin American and the Caribbean through partners like Seaboard Marine, Crowley, Evergreen and others. “We handle both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) cargo.  FCL simply means that the container is owned by one shipper, usually commercial clients and returning residents, but can also be householders. LCL is a consolidated shipment comprising many different shippers like those sending barrels, boxes, pallets and others,” she noted. 



If you drive a vehicle in Jamaica, it is very likely it was imported through Kingston Wharves. KWL serves the domestic market and is also the auto transhipment hub for the Caribbean and Latin America. Near port auto logistic facilities also drive the company’s service to global car exporters and local auto dealers. “We do not sell cars, we are the terminal and the logistics providers who provide inventory management and handle motor units on behalf of auto dealers and shipping agents,” she explained.


Two nine-ton (combined) grain tower silos support the company’s bulk business, as KWL moves grain to supply the local population in partnership with a local manufacturing company. From over 350,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, KWL delivers a suite of logistics services to manufacturers, distributors and other businesses.  


KWL is building capacity to enhance its operation and serve the public better by zeroing in on infrastructure readiness and increasing accessibility and convenience through digital technology. “We have to continue to build our capacity to deliver to our customers. Shipping is integral to society, and it is competitive industry. When we improve to serve our customer, we are supporting the economy and the social well-being of our people,” Mrs. Murdock stated.