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  1. After turning off Marcus Garvey Drive, Take the first right turn into first street.
  2. Upon approching the T-junction at the bottom of first street, take a right turn, followed by a immediate left turn.
  3. After taking a left turn onto Newport Blvd, paralell Marcus Drive Drive, take the next left turn. Lannaman and Morris is located on the right. Then take the immediate right turn.
  4. Take the first right turn off first street onto a short road, which leads out to second street. Drive pass Chad-Ad Distributors Limited and proceed straight up second street.
  5. The entrance of the Total Logsitcs Facility is adjacent to Jamaica Freight and Shipping head office located on the left.

Our Offices

At Kingston Wharves Limited we pride ourselves on being accessible and responsive. Please feel free to use the contact form below; queries sent via this medium will be responded to within 48 hours.

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Alternatively, you may make direct contact with any of the officers listed below on matters specific to their area of responsibility.

Mark Williams

Chief Executive Officer


Ext: 5998

George Reynolds

Safety & Security

e: kwlsecurity.manager@kwljm

Ext: 5919

Simone Murdock

Marketing & Client Services


Ext: 5949

Clover Moodie

Chief Financial Officer


Ext: 5996

Marcello Richards 


e: engineering.manager@kwljm

Ext: 5999

Valrie Campbell

Operations – Receival & Delivery


Ext: 5960

Lancelot Green

Information Technology


Ext: 5931