KWL Plays a Role in Project Cargo Importation For National Development

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Kingston Wharves continues to be the terminal of choice on the Port of Kingston for the movement of project cargo for infrastructural and social development. 


On Wednesday (March 30) Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation Matthew Samuda toured Kingston Wharves terminal to observe pipes being delivered to strengthen the island’s water delivery network. The Ministry through the National Water Commission imported pipes valued at $1.3 billion. 

Minister Samuda noted that with the delivery of the shipment of pipes the government has moved much closer to the implementation of improvement projects that will directly benefit thousands of Jamaicans in both urban and rural communities.

The large ductile iron pipes were procured and delivered by the contractor, Deryck A Gibson Limited, and range from 100mm or 4 inches to 600mm or 24 inches in diameter. 

The minister noted that the pipes will be used on at least nine project locations island-wide.

Kingston Wharves is a multi-purpose terminal on the Port of Kingston, which handles diverse cargo types. This includes containers, bulk and break bulk cargo including project cargo and motor vehicles. KWL also serves global autoliners that transport auto cargo throughout the region and to international ports on a number of continents. 

Speaking on the tour, Group CFO Clover Moodie explained that as a result of Kingston Wharves multi-purpose capabilities, the port terminal was highly suited to partner with the government on infrastructural development projects and play a significant role in helping to drive the government’s economic growth agenda. 

“Kingston Wharves was instrumental in the importation of oxygen into the country during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic; and while terminals around the world were closing, we maintained our 24-hour per day, seven-day per week operations. This allowed us to further facilitate economic and social stability by enabling adequate food and sanitation supplies, and medicine into Jamaica,” Miss Moodie stated.

The Group CFO also pointed out KWL’s role in the importation of garbage trucks into the island for the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) earlier in the year. 

“Now we are supporting another important government undertaking –the importation of pipes to strengthen the country’s water distribution network,” Ms. Moodie stated. 

She added that that Kingston Wharves was pleased to play a part in ensuring that the country was sufficiently supplied with the life-sustaining commodity.