Kingston Wharves Signs Partnership Agreement With Port in Curaçao

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Kingston Wharves Limited (KWL) has signed a Sister Port Agreement with the Port of Willemstad in Curaçao. The signing took place recently between officials of KWL and the Ports Authority of Curaçao in Werf de Wilde, Curaçao. 

Chief Executive Officer of Kingston Wharves, Mark Williams who signed on behalf of the Jamaican port terminal and logistics company welcomed the agreement, noting its potential to strengthen the partnership between KWL and the Port of Willemstad.  

 “The Sister Port Agreement will be mutually beneficial. Curaçao’s strategic location in proximity to the Eastern Caribbean and South America, can provide KWL’s partners with more options of access in that part of the region.  

“Similarly, our global reach has the potential to open greater global access for the Curaçaoan port terminal Mr. Williams stated, observing that Kingston Wharves is a multi-purpose port terminal with connections to some 45 destinations. “We are deeply integrated into the global supply chain that that allows us to facilitate trade with the world including Europe, Australia, North, South and Central America and to the wider Caribbean,” the KWL CEO underscored. 

The agreement which is in effect for three years, will facilitate the sharing of information; the exchange of research and technical expertise and the exploration of commercial and marketing opportunities between the two entities.


Photo Captions: 

Kingston Wharves Limited has signed a Sister Port Agreement with the Curaçao Ports Authority. The agreement allows KWL to enhance logistics and shipping partnership with the Port of Willemstad, Curaçao, and for both port terminals to capitalise on mutually beneficial opportunities. Kingston Wharves CEO Mark Williams (Second left) and Director of Terminal Operations Valrie Campbell were on hand for the signing of the agreement in Werf de Wilde. Curaçao Ports Authority officials participating in the moment were, Managing Director Humberto de Castro; Albert (Bert) Zwueste, Chief Operations Officer; Raul R. Manotas, Chief Commercial Officer and Managing Director of KTK Tugs Suridric Rojer.