CEO’s Desk


MESSAGE FROM GRANTLEY STEPHENSON, C.D., J.P. Chief Executive Officer Kingston Wharves Limited (KWL) is always honoured to join our local partners in celebrating Maritime Awareness Week, and to come together with the international shipping community to observe World Maritime Day which, this year, marks the 70th Anniversary of the adopting of the International Maritime Organization

CEO’s Message 2015

As the Chairman captured in his message, 2015 was a year of tremendous progress in moving forward the KWL agenda. We reported strong financial results and continued the transformation of our business; we are now focused on port operations and logistics services. We achieved record results at the end of the 2015 Financial Year, a

70th Anniversary Message: A World-Class Vision

This milestone 70th anniversary represents an interesting and exciting time for the KWL Group, as we seek to build on the successes of the past and continue to pursue a future of sustained growth in an industry of increasing global significance. Much has changed since we first opened our doors 70 years ago, but with

CEO’s 2014 Message

In our last performance report, we indicated that 2014 and 2015 would be pivotal years for the continued positioning of the KWL Group to reap the benefits of our world-class visionary and strategic direction. We noted that while we could not predict the future with certainty, the Group was prepared for the future;prepared to embrace the new norm ...

CEO’s 2013 Message

SummaryLocal STRENGTHGlobal RelevancePrepared for the future Kingston Wharves Limited Group (KWL Group) has taken a bold step in defining and assessing our performance. In addition to our usual annual performance review, we have completed a comprehensive 5-year performance assessment, a longer-term time horizon that is better aligned to our journey to achieving our vision of Best ...