KWL collaborates with agents to offer contactless cargo clearance

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Kingston Wharves recently unveiled Click N Collect to its freight forwarders and shipping agents stakeholder group. The service is an innovative and simplified cargo clearance option to satisfy the growing demand for a contactless pre-clearance and door-to-door delivery for personal shippers sending barrels, boxes, pallets and other Less than Container Load (LCL) cargo.  

Working with partner agents and customs brokers, Click N Collect provides an e-services portal where customers can pay agent fees, customs charges and KW charges online in a single payment window, and schedule the pick-up of their cargo, without physically navigating the cargo clearance process themselves.  Those personal Shippers who are unable to access the service through their shipping agent may contact KWL directly. 

KWL CEO Mark Williams disclosed that Click N Collect was another step in KWL’s move to leverage the use of digital technology to streamline processes and revolutionise the cargo clearance process in the sea freight industry.   “Alternatives to the traditional cargo clearance process is an important investment for us as a company as we find new ways to make the process more efficient and safer; introducing a contactless system is an imperative in the face of disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” the CEO said.

Mr. Williams elaborated: “Click N Collect brings a simplified and ecommerce enabled cargo clearance service to ocean freight in Jamaica.  Freight Forwarders can now reposition shipping by sea with a high level of convenience that personal shippers associate with airfreight. Partners and customers processing cargo through KWL now have a more convenient option to navigate the shipping clearance process.”

The initiative provides a platform for freight forwarders and shipping agents to significantly expand their pre-clearance and door-to-door delivery services by leveraging the back office clearance resources Kingston Wharves has made available to ensure a seamless service, Mr. Williams noted. 

Commissioner of Customs Velma Ricketts-Walker has applauded the new KWL cargo clearance measure.

The Jamaica Customs Agency welcomes and supports the initiative as it is in sync with the Agency’s drive to facilitate trade through simpler, quicker, and more efficient processes,” Mrs. Ricketts-Walker said.

Kingston Wharves’ Corporate Services and Client Experience Manager Simone Murdock, giving details on the new cargo clearance service, explained that  Click N Collect can be access at KWL’s e-services website –

A single window for personal shippers importing cargo through KWL partner agents, the site also houses KWL’s electronic payment options, provides information on charges, and details on KWL’s bank transfer service which allows for direct deposit to its account.  


The Click N Collect process is as follows:

  1. The agent or customer should visit our e-services portal to get registered, and submit their Bills of Lading numbers for Click N Collect service.
  2. Once the all fees are determined, Kingston Wharves will upload those charges to the portal so the agents or customers only have to pay a one-time charge on the condition that a complete and correct declaration of the cargo contents is made.  An incomplete declaration could result in a recalculation of Customs charges. Customers are therefore encouraged to provide accurate and full information on the contents of the shipment to the agent or KWL rep.  A packing list with description and quantity is ideal. 
  3. After the customer settles all charges (agent fees, KWL fees and Customs taxes and charges), the cargo clearance process will be completed by either Kingston Wharves personnel or in partnership with the customer’s shipping agents.  This includes overseeing the customs checking and documentation processing. The service is fully transparent and secure with the agent or customer receiving email notifications throughout the process.  
  4. After the cargo is checked by Customs, it will be re-sealed with a tamper-evident system.
  5. Within 48 hours of the payment, the agent or customer will receive the ‘Ready to Pick Up’ notification and prompted to schedule his or her appointment online for collection the same day or next day.  


Underscoring the transparency of the process, Mrs. Murdock disclosed that Kingston Wharves has invested significantly in its security infrastructure for both its terminal and logistics business. “Our facilities are under 24-hour security surveillance, and we have made additional investments in state-of-the-art equipment to modernize and expand our CCTV coverage, while employing other security measures,” she revealed. 

Persons seeking to access Click N Collect can contact their shipping agents or KWL by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to 876-577-8905, emailing or visiting


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