Kingston Wharves Recognizes Jamaica Customs Agency

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Kingston Wharves recently recognised the Jamaica Customs Agency and presented special awards to 14 of its Officers for their exceptional contribution, leadership and collaboration over the last two years.  The awards luncheon took place at Kingston Wharves’ Total Logistics Facility during Customs Week recently. 

KWL’s CEO Mark Williams lauded the officers for their unwavering support in customer service delivery at the company’s port terminal and logistics facilities, especially during the busy peak seasons. 

Customs Officers are border protection and revenue collections agents of the government, deployed to various and seaports and airports. “Both organizations exist in a symbiotic relationship which benefits Jamaica—Kingston Wharves facilitates importation and exportation of critical cargo, including food and medical supplies while the JCA acts as the vanguard for border protection and revenue collection,” Mr. Williams elaborated.

Thanking the customs officers for their dedication, Mr. Williams said, “Customs Officers regularly extend themselves to ensure seamless operations with our team and service delivery to our end customers.”

Observing the already excellent collaboration between Kingston Wharves and the Jamaica Customs Agency, Mr. Williams cited the need for increased partnership on expanding e-commerce and pre-clearance solutions.   “This would support greater efficiency and increased revenue collection for the government,” the CEO stated.

Commissioner of Customs Velma Ricketts-Walker lauded Kingston Wharves for “Always moving ahead”.   “Not only have you improved infrastructure and equipment, but you have made steadfast innovative moves as it relates to processes and services,” the Commissioner said. She congratulated KWL on copping the 2021 Port Industry Award for Technology and Innovation.

Mrs. Ricketts-Walker also commended Kingston Wharves for, “The high level of responsiveness to the Customs team – you respond to requests to address issues; you provide resources to improve overall service, you also make an effort to consult with Customs in relation to proposed changes and forge partnerships committed to serving our mutual customers.” 

The Commissioner congratulated the honourees, urging them to continue to execute their duties based on the organisation’s core values of customer-focus, accountability, professionalism, integrity and transparency, all anchored on the motto of Country above Self.

The Customs Officers were presented with recognition plaques.  In honour of the invaluable partnership between the Jamaica Customs Agency and Kingston Wharves, the organisation was presented with a Partnership Appreciation plaque. 

As an apt end to International Customs Week, KWL surprised its Customs Officers with a  cake celebrating the week’s theme: Scaling up Customs Digital Transformation by Embracing a Data Culture and Building a Data Ecosystem”. 

The Commissioner added that JCA along with its stakeholders continue to make strides in its ICT development for enhanced customer service delivery. 

Kingston Wharves CEO Mark Williams presents a Partner Appreciation Award to Commissioner of Customs Velma Ricketts Walker, during International Customs Week recently. KWL held an appreciation luncheon to honour the JCA, also recognizing 14 Customs Officers for their exemplary service.

Kingston Wharves CEO Mark Williams, other members of the KWL Team and Commissioner of Customs Velma Ricketts-Walker, members of her senior team, and Customs Officers who were recently recognized by Kingston Wharves.

Kingston Wharves CEO Mark Williams presents a surprise cake to Commissioner Velma Ricketts-Walker for the Customs team stationed at Kingston Wharves, in honour of International Customs Week. The week was observed under the theme: Scaling up Customs Digital Transformation by Embracing a Data Culture and Building a Data Ecosystem”.