Kingston Wharves Awards PEP Students

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Kingston Wharves has recognised some 22 children of its employees who were successful in their Primary Exit Profile (PEP) exams. At a recent awards ceremony held at Kingston Wharves Limited, the students were presented with a cash award in the form of book vouchers, a congratulatory certificate and back to school items.

CEO Mark Williams congratulated the youngsters on their achievement, “It was difficult for some of you, but you got through it and that is good. But this is just the first phase. There is some (more) hard work that is going to be required,” Mr. Williams stated.

He encouraged them to work hard, make a difference and have fun while in high school. Referencing Usain Bolt’s performance in his first Olympic Games when he did not perform well, the CEO said, “Failure will come, but failure will lead to success if you keep going. I have failed a few exams in my time, but I go back and study and work hard; hard work brings success.”

He also reminded the students that where they came from should never define or limit where they were going. Urging them to strive to make a difference, the CEO stated, “When you walk into a room, people must know that you are there; walk with your shoulders back and your head held high. Don’t be shy; you belong.”

Nadja Hancel Operations Manager at Security Administrator’s Limited, who represented Managing Director Captain George Williams congratulated the youngsters, noting, “I am sure it was not easy having to deal with COVID and online classes. However you persisted and successfully completed the task.

“We believe that a good education plays a vital role in building a bright future….As you are about to embark on another phase of your journey, continue to exhibit positive behaviours and aspire to be successful in whatever field you choose,” Ms. Hancel said, also lauding the parents for their commitment.

Garnett Williams, Business Services Manager for Newport Stevedoring Services Limited (NSSL) told the children they had made their parents proud.  He encouraged them to use the same strategy of hard work to succeed in high school as they did in primary school, urging them to study consistently and learn to work on their own.

Awardees Taylor Murdock and Joshua Timothy Williams gave the vote of thanks.  Expressing appreciation to the CEO and the KWL team and kudos to her fellow awardees, Taylor noted: “These past two years have certainly taken their toll on our education, because we have had to switch from our parents telling us to get off our devices, because we have had enough screen time for the day, to them telling us we needed to get back on it because we must to complete homework for the next day.”

She said that despite the quarantine roller coaster and loneliness due to the inability to visit family and friends, “We managed to rise to the challenge of sacrificing our time towards studying, to get into our dream school.”

Joshua thanked parents, guardians and well-wishers for their rock solid support and encouragement throughout the years. “Your love and understanding enabled us to accomplish this milestone,” he stated.

“To my PEP colleagues, we worked very hard and if your parents are like mine, you must be glad the pressure is over. But let us also realise that the journey for excellence continues,” young Joshua noted.

CEO Mark Williams enjoys a light moment with three young ladies who are attending Immaculate Conception High, following their successful PEP exams. Left-right are Gabrielle Wynter, Tassandrea Gallimore and Taylor Murdock.